30 min presentation + 30 min discussion. Every 2 weeks. No recordings.
Mailing list, with meeting links, maintained by teo.banica@gmail.com.

7/7: Uwe Franz (Besancon), Probability on Quantum Groups

I will give a survey of probabilistic aspects of the theory of quantum groups. We will look at characterisations of idempotent states, results on convergence to the uniform distribution (Haar state) for random walks, and the theory of L\’evy processes on quantum groups. I will conclude with some open problems and interesting directions for further research.

6/23: Victor Ostrik (Eugene), Incompressible symmetric tensor categories

6/9: Nicolas Andruskiewitsch (Cordoba), Some questions on Hopf algebras (in relation with Compact Quantum Groups)

5/26: Teo Banica (Cergy), Structure and classification questions for CQG

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